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Sweetwater is a full service provider of video display, camera flypack systems, custom control rooms and production trucks to entertainment and corporate clients worldwide. Our video support and display technologies can be seen any night of the week lighting up some very eye-catching and innovative stages.

We facilitate flypack systems, playback equipment, Plasma, LED and projection solutions for film and television production, live music, sports, specials events, corporate engagements and tradeshows. Unlike an equipment box rental house, we specialize in providing complete video, audio and display systems supported by on-site expert engineering staff and unparalleled customer service.

As part of the NEP global network, we are part of a complete range of production service offerings.

  • Display for TV and Live Events

    Our video display offerings can be seen lighting up some of television’s most popular shows or the world’s most popular venues. With brilliant LED, plasma and limitless projection display options, we can implement some extraordinary visuals.

  • Display for Corporate & Marketing Events

    Whatever the size or scope, we have an LED, LCD, Plasma or projection offering to accommodate you. Whether implemented as part of an experiential marketing strategy, corporate meeting, tradeshow exhibit or product launch, our display technologies are leveraged to create an eye-catching audience experience.

  • Hi-Res Switching & Specialty Projection

    Leveraging our switching systems, you have the control to create custom screen effects and/or define, shape and blend images in any way imaginable. No longer limited to standard resolution or a one-dimensional screen surface, our display solutions offer incredible flexibility in size, scale and shape.

  • Camera Systems & Crewing

    As a full service provider of cameras, audio and display, we can not only spec your equipment package, but we have the resources and relationships to staff your next project with any number of highly qualified field and technical crew.

  • Studio Solutions

    We provide a unique solution for long-term production, where neither a truck or flypack is practical. We specialize in the design and build of custom “semi-permanent” video and audio control rooms. We can and have built the extraordinary, ranging from the simple to the highly complex.

  • Production Trucks

    From the simple webcasts to a large scale live event, Sweetwater has a production truck for every situation. Our trucks are the most adaptable in the industry, accommodating a wide variation of formats and budgets.

  • News & Projects

    There are a lot of exciting things happening at Sweetwater! Catch up on what is going on.