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Our unique transportable studio can be shipped to any location in North America, where it can be fully operational, often in less than 12 hours. It provides a full complement of state-of-the-art control-room equipment to accommodate productions of various sizes.

This new studio solution was designed for smaller productions that have shorter run times that might not have the budget or the need to rent a permanent studio space — such as series pilots, shows that are in a limited-audience testing period, talk shows, magazine shows, multicamera corporate or enterprise video projects, or productions that rely mainly on webcasting.

Although this transportable solution can be customized to include any equipment combination specified by the client, the standard configuration supports productions of six to eight cameras and includes a choice of a Grass Valley Kayak, Kalypso, Karrera, or Kayenne switcher; Studer Vista 5 audio-mixing desk with 48 Mic inputs, MADI, AES, and analog I/O; Also included are a complete Riedel intercom system, an integrated router, and a monitor wall that can be scaled and configured to the size and dimensions of the production space. NEP’s transportable control room includes chairs and consoles that can be assembled in up to three rows to accommodate up to 10 technicians and production staff.

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Features & Highlights

Switcher options to meet any need; Studer Vista 5 Digital M3 Console; Riedel Artist digital intercom system; Wired for up to 8 cameras & 24 channels of record/playback; Graphics systems available' Full complement of monitors, audio/video distribution and other tools; Engineering racks fit into a 12x20 space