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Operated and managed by NEP Australia, the MCM studios at Coventry Street, Southbank, on the doorstep of Melbourne’s beautiful Royal Botanic Gardens, offer some of Australia’s most flexible television studio options. There are three studios: A, B and C.

Some of the features of each television studio include the following. For a more detailed inventory, please download the full specs.

Melbourne Studio A:
-36m x 22m (792m²) multi-purpose sound stage
-97 motorised lighting battens
-Fully functioning SDI control room
-Nine dressing rooms and hair and makeup facilities
-Green room

Melbourne Studio B:
-33m x 20m (660m²) multi-purpose sound stage
-96 motorised lighting battens
-Support and infrastructure for SD or -HD digital production vans and state-of-the-art HD control room
-Six dressing rooms with en-suite
-Hair and makeup facilities

Melbourne Studio C:
-9.6m x 6.6m (63.36m²) product studio
-3.5 metre high lighting grid
-Control room facilitation capability
-Chroma key facilitation
-Photographic Studio capability
-Fixed lighting grid equipped with dimmer outlets

Subject to Change