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We provide extensive studio production solutions and offer custom-designed studio facilities around the globe. Depending on our your needs, we can provide studio space, custom control rooms, and highly flexible transportable solutions.

We have worldwide experience supporting every type of studio show imaginable - and all of our facilities are backed by the finest technical and support staff in the business. Today, we offer more than 50 studios and custom control rooms in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Belgium, Sweden, Finland and Norway.

Studio Solutions

In addition to more than 50 studios and control rooms, we can create custom solutions in any location from Los Angeles to Oslo to Sydney.

  • Studios in New York

    Whatever your production needs, one of our nine fully-equipped NY studios can do the job.

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  • Studios in Australia

    We’ve designed our Sydney and Melbourne television studios to accommodate our clients’ every need – be it a ‘dry hire' or round-the-clock, full-service solution.

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  • Studios in Europe

    NEP provides a broad range of studio solutions in Europe.

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  • Custom Control Rooms Anywhere

    Whether in Los Angeles, the UK, or anywhere around the globe, NEP has custom-built studio solutions to fit within your budget.

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  • Transportable Control Room

    Our unique transportable studio can be shipped to any location in North America, where it can be fully operational, often in less than 12 hours.

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Value Added Services

At NEP, we provide a full array of services to support any studio production including crewing, logistics management, and technical management.

  • Engineering & Technical Management

    NEP is comprised of the best engineers and technical managers in the business that can guide any production in the right direction. Meet some of us.

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  • Crewing & Logistics Management

    Dedicated teams manage all crewing needs, provide logistics support and project management for any production, drawing from a vast talent pool.

  • Post Production & Duplication

    Look no further than the heart of Manhattan for our fully-equipped post production and duplication facilities to handle all of your needs.

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  • Video Display and Show Technologies

    Let our video display team help your set come alive with the latest LED, plasma and digital projection technologies.

    Video Display