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NEP Visions is able to offer an innovative alternative to Outside Broadcast Units where space is at a premium, or when facilities are required on location for long periods.

NEP Visions has designed purpose built Production Units based on a Portakabin®, fitted out to the same high standard of finish and comfort experienced in our OB Units. Fully air-conditioned and carpeted throughout, with flexible engineering systems capable of Digital or Analogue operation, these versatile units are ideal for stand alone or add-on facilities. Typical uses include large-scale Record/Replay operations, edit facilities and add-on Production areas. The Units have the advantage of a small "footprint" for their internal space when compared to an OB Unit. The units are delivered to site using our own low-loader

Voyager Floor Plan

Last Updated 2012-04-16 – Subject to Change

B Unit

This unit can adapt to any need


  • Switcher as required
  • Effects as required


As required

Record And Playback

  • Up to 20 decks
  • Any tape or disk format including:
  • Digibeta, Beta SP, HD, EVS-LSM, Profile, Sony SX
  • Ashvale SM4/2 Slo-mo controllers


BVE 2000 or BVE 9100


Subject to Unit


Aston Ethos, Motif or other as required


  • 40' (12.24m)
  • Height
  • 8'6' (2.6m)
  • Width
  • 10'3" (3.27m)
  • Weight 10,490Ibs (4,600 kilos)


Single or 30phase