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HDR 3 is a 50ft articulated expanding sided vehicle designed to comprehensively handle large-scale VTR/VDR production requirements. With the capacity to handle up to 12 VTR and 12 EVS machines, it can be adapted to meet any production's requirements.

HDR 3 Floor Plan

Last Updated 2013-10-04 – Subject to Change


  • 256 squared HD Trinix
  • 128 squared stereo AS and Analog Grass Valley
  • 80 9-inch monitors throughout

Record And Playback

  • Main Area - up to 10 decks and 11 EVS
  • Edit Area 1- up to 2 decks and 1EVS
  • Capable of any tape or disc format
  • Slo-mo controllers on request
  • EVS or similar on request
  • Replay device on request


Linear or non-linear system available on request