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HDR 2 is a 50ft articulated expanding sided vehicle designed to comprehensively handle large-scale VTR/VDR production requirements.

This spacious vehicle can accommodate a maximum of 20 Disc or Tape decks and 20 personnel. The VT Director's position with its comprehensive monitoring sits at the heart of the central Slo-mo/Edit area, which has seating for 11 operators. The unit features a second separate Edit suite and a Graphics area. Signal monitoring is located in a separate Engineering area.

HDR2 Floor Plan

Last Updated 2012-04-16 – Subject to Change

B Unit

This is a Support Truck


  • 1 HD/SD Digital switchers (optional)
  • Thomson 128 x 128 HD/SD


  • 1 Yamaha 03D Mixer (optional)
  • 128 x 128 Audio 2 Level

Record And Playback

  • Main Area - up to 20 Decks including
  • 8 6-Channel disc recorder
  • Edit/Presentation Area - up to 4 Decks
  • Any tape or disc format including: Digibeta, HD DS - WDCAM hard disc, EVS-LSM virtual Recorder,Sony SX Profile PDR 100, 200 Ashvale
  • SM4/2 Slo-mo controllers


Sony digital edit controllers (optional)


RTS Telex talkback


  • Length 50' (15.4m) overall
  • 44'7" (13.6m) without tractor
  • Height 12'9" (3.9m)
  • Width 8' (2.39m)
  • Weight 58,240Ibs (26,000 kilos)


  • Single or 3-phase 240v
  • 2 125A single-phase Cee-form connector
  • 63A 3-phase Cee-form connector
  • 45A per phase