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Disc and Tape Record (DTR) 1 has the size and technical power to be used either as a slow-motion replay vehicle, a production unit, a series of mobile edit suites or any combination of the 3. It can be divided into three discrete operational areas or alternatively the sliding door into Edit/Presentation Area 2 can be left open so that the size of the slo-motion replay area can be extended from 11 to 14 positions.

DTR 1 can accommodate in total up to 25 personnel and 24 disc or tape recorders. It is possible to have 2 completely separate edits carrying on simultaneously during an event or they can be used for presentation or unilateral production areas on live events. Each area is designed to accommodate a Sony DVS 2000 digital mixer or the front production bench divides up to form 3 moveable sections so that the lateral vision of a replay director sitting in the centre is greatly improved.

The rear production desk is ergonomically designed to similarly improve lateral vision when the replay director prefers to be positioned behind the individual operators. Video distribution is via a 96x96 serial digital router that provides immense flexibility for monitoring and allows all disc or VT machines to be used direct to the vision switcher in the main production vehicle.

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B Unit

This is a Support Truck


  • 2 Sony DVS 2000 or similar (optional)
  • 2 Sony DME 7000 DVE or similar (optional)
  • Quartz 96 x 96 Serial Digital
  • Quartz 64 x 64 PAL


  • 2 Yamaha 03D Mixers (optional)
  • 4 Track Audio Wiring
  • Quartz 96 x 96 Stereo Audio

Record And Playback

  • Main Area - up to 16 decks
  • Edit Area 1 - up to 4 decks
  • Edit Area 2 - up to 4 decks
  • Capable of any tape or disc format including Digibeta, Betacam SP, SX, EVS-LSM
  • Virtual Recorder
  • Tektronic Profile or similar
  • Sony MAV555
  • Ashvale SM4/2 Slo-mo controllers


Sony, Grass Valey digital edit controllers or similar (optional)


Telex C/S 24 port digital matrix


  • Length 51'1" (16.5m) overall with tractor
  • 44'7" (13.6m) without tractor
  • Height 13'5' (4.1m)
  • Width 8'4" (2.55m) expanding side in
  • 13'10" (4.21m) expanding side out
  • Weight 32,000 kilos


  • 2 125A Single-phase Cee-form connectors
  • 1 125A Three-phase Cee-form connector