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HD3 is a large double expanding scanner offering a complete programme making experience in one truck. A large production area accommodating up to 11 people seated and a racked monitor stack to ensure the production teams' comfort. HD3 also offers an integral VT area, which is capable of up to 18 replay/record devices and edit facility. This scanner is ideal for large sporting or entertainment events with a powerful Thomson Kalypso Duo vision mixer able to undertake the most complex of productions. HD3 offers a rare combination of the latest technology and large comfortable surroundings in one mobile unit.

Formats available:

High definition:
1080/60i; 1080/59.94i;
1080/50i; 1080/24psf;
1080/25psf; 720/60p
1080/23.98psf; 720/59.94p
and other formats via cross-conversion. Standard definition, NTSC, PAL. Widescreen and 4x3.

HD3 Floor Plan

HD3 Monitor Wall

Last Updated 2012-04-16 – Subject to Change

Features & Highlights

Grass Valley Kalypso; Calrec Sigma; Thompson LDK-6000 Cameras; HD tape and EVS soltuions; Length 16.7m (including tractor unit); 13.6m (trailer only); Height 4.0m; Width 2.5m (non expanded); 4.7m (fully expanded)

B Unit

Does not require a B-Unit


  • Thomson Grass Valley Kalypso Duo
  • Built in device control and 15 aux buses
  • 75 inputs
  • 3 Channels of built in DVE
  • RAM recorder
  • Thomson Trinix 192x256 digital video router (128x192 HD) (64x64 SD)
  • External DVE support for optional dual/single channel DME 7000 (SD) or HD equivalent
  • Monitor wall, inc. HD tubes, consisting of:
  • 29 - colour 14" HD/SD monitors
  • 2 - colour 24"- HD/SD monitors
  • 24 - colour 10" SD monitors
  • Programmable LED monitor legends and tally lights
  • Seating for up to 14 people


  • Calrec Sigma Digital Sound Desk
  • 56 faders/ 62 channels, 8 stereo groups 12 aux o/ps, 24 multi track sends
  • Comprehensive sound desk input/output capability 32 AES i/p,32AES o/p
  • 128 x128 Stereo Analogue Audio RTR
  • 64x64 Analogue Monitoring Router
  • 5.1 surround capable with Dolby E encode & decode > and full 5.1 audio
  • monitoring in sound & production areas
  • Dolby E encoding & decoding, Dolby Prologic encode & decode
  • Compression & gates on every channel in Calrec sound desk External equipment
  • Comprehensive external audio-processing capability
  • Mini discs, CD player, DAT m/c, 360 Short cut editor, Genlec Monitoring
  • 2 x 9" Monitors, 6 x TFT colour monitors
  • 128x128 analogue and AES router Wohler - Dolby E Monitoring


  • Up to 24 Thomson Worldcam LDK6000/20P/200/100/23 digital cameras
  • All cameras are 16x9 switchable
  • Comprehensive selection of lenses including high definition subject to quotation

Record And Playback

  • Up to 12 VTR/VDRs of any HD or SD format including
  • 12 - colour 10" VTR preview monitors 12 - 6" TFT PV monitors


Comprehensive router control Edit area with vision/audio mixer (optional)


  • Telex 96x96 Matrix, separate 24 camera t/b matrix
  • 12 RTS powered 2 wire loops > 12 RTS powered IFBs
  • 3 x Radio t/b base stations & Motorola handsets


Aston Ethos or other as required (HD and SD) Up to 4 channels


  • Length 16.7m (including tractor unit)
  • 13.6m (trailer only)
  • Height 4.0m
  • Width 2.5m (non expanded)
  • 4.7m (fully expanded)


40 KVA 240V per phase nominal 3 phase 63A per phase 125A 3-phase Cee-form connector Single-phase 2 x 125A Cee-form