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Our OB unit, HD12, provides the convenience of an in-line unit with all the production power and versatility of a larger OB unit. Based on a large articulated truck chassis it provides a spacious and comfortable production environment including an expanding rear section to accommodate a flat screen monitor stack.

Accommodating up to 20 cameras, and with provision for up to 6 server based record/replay devices and 6 VTR's, HD12 is the perfect unit for mid to large sized sports, music and light entertainment events.

HD 12 Floor Plan

HD 12 Monitor Wall

Last Updated 2012-04-16 – Subject to Change

Features & Highlights

Grass Valley Kyak; Calrec Zeta; Philips LDK-6000/8000 or Sony Cameras; EVS servers and HD tape options; Length 16.5m (18m Expanded); Height 4.1m; Width 2.55m

B Unit

Does not require a B-Unit


  • 75 Input 3ME Kayak SD/HD
  • Switcher
  • 12 DSK's
  • 3 x DVE Channels
  • GVG Trinix 64 x 64 Pal Router
  • 128x128 (SD 64 in and HD 64 in)
  • Up to 40 external control panels
  • Monitor wall consisting of:
  • 12 Vutrix HD/SD
  • 23" flat screens with integrated Quad splits and UMDS and Tallies
  • 4 - 15" colour TFT monitors


  • Calrec Zeta Desk
  • 40 x Faders
  • 16 x Multitrack sends
  • 8 x Aux
  • 96 Inputs 32 x AES
  • 64 x 64 Concerto Analogue Audio
  • CD Player
  • PC Based Audio Replay
  • 1 x PL1 Encoder/Decoder Embedded Audio


  • Up to 20 Philips LDK6000/8000 or Sony HDC1500
  • all cameras are 16x9 switchable
  • Comprehensive selection of lenses subject to quotation

Record And Playback

12 x VTR Machines or 6 with 6 EVS


  • Telex Adam digital matrix
  • separate CTP camera TB System' 4 x powered IFB
  • 2 x TIFFS
  • Internal PBX Telephone Exchange
  • 2 Wire Available


Aston Ethos/Clarity or similar up to 2 devices/4 Channels


  • Length 16.5m (18m Expanded)
  • Height 4.1m
  • Width 2.55m
  • Weight 34000Kg


3-phase or 3xSingle phase 125A Cee-form connectors