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Atlantic is the latest in the NEP Visions fleet, and the triple-expander is the U.K.’s first fully integrated 1080p 3G-capable OB vehicle, with the ability to produce a full single-path broadcast in 1080p50 or 1080p60.

Besides its advanced HD production capabilities, Atlantic also features a groundbreaking layout that offers 850 square feet of production space when the truck is fully expanded — the size of a three-bedroom semidetached house. Whereas clients previously required space to park both a full-size expanding VTR scanner and a full-size expanding production unit, both functions can now be combined within Atlantic — an important benefit when space is at a premium.

In a break from the standard layout of a traditional OB vehicle, Atlantic is designed to recreate the internal ergonomics and layout of a traditional studio setup — with at least 10 feet of head space in many areas and a fresh, appealing interior appearance.

Atlantic Floorplan

Atlantic Monitor Wall

Last Updated 2013-08-12 – Subject to Change

Features & Highlights

Grass Valley Kayenne; Calrec Apollo; Grass Valley cameras; EVS servers and HD tape options


  • Grass Valley Kayenne Vision Mixer
  • Evertz EQZ Magnum 488x800 router
  • Evertz multiviewers


  • Clarec Apollo Sound console 5.1 digital sound console
  • Dolby D and E Encoding
  • Sub mix available
  • Hydra Fibre field systems
  • 16x16 Madi matrix
  • EVERTZ Audio Matrix
  • Wired for 2 x 48 channel Multi


  • 30x LDK 800 ELITE 3g CAMERAS 1080p capable
  • 3x LDK8300 Super Slo / Sony 3300
  • Ultra motion systems fully integrated
  • Capable of handling up to 8 RADIO Cams
  • Canon Lenses ranging from J96 to HJ14
  • Range of Vinten Tripods and heads

Record And Playback

  • 6 x Sony HD VTRs
  • Up to 9 X EVS HardDisk Recorders XT3 (8 channel mode)
  • IP DIRECTORS and XF2 stations
  • Integrated for fully tapeless workflow


  • Telex comms matrix 128 x 128 port
  • RVON and trucking options
  • RTS belt packs x 24 channel
  • 6 x RF Comms base stations
  • System base and Glen sound ISDN Codecs


Various Microphone options available from 5.1 to mono


Truck can take up to 6 individual dual channel graphics devices


  • Height: 54'2" (16.5) with tractor
  • 44'7" (13.6m) without tractor
  • Width: 8'4" (2.55m) on the road
  • 21' (6.4m) expanded
  • Height: 14'2" (4.3m)