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Investing in Our US FleetAuthor: Meredith Knight / April 30, 2015

Our U.S. Mobile Units team is committed to investing in our fleet, and we have continued the momentum of our fleet-wide upgrades project. We are grateful to our many long-time clients who have renewed contracts with us. We are also grateful to new clients - with whom we are excited to form lasting relationships. These valuable partnerships have allowed us to make these fleet wide upgrades, as well as design and build several new, forward-thinking mobile units.

So what does this investment in our fleet look like? Worldwide, NEP owns more Kayenne K Frames, EVS XT3’s and Sony Cameras than any other provider in the industry, and we continue to invest in industry-leading technology to deploy across our fleet. The last six months have seen a tremendous amount of activity at our in-house maintenance and integration facilities, and the next six months will be no different. Here is a quick snapshot of what we have done, our current projects, and what is next on the docket:

In 2014, we ended a great year of investment in our fleet. In the last four months of 2014 alone, our team:

Finished ND1, a brand new HD, 3G, 4k-capable mobile unit

Redesigned and upgraded ND4A & B and completely re-built ND4C

Redesigned and rebuilt Beta – a powerful support truck

Upgraded SS16 to have a new Kayenne switcher and a router with embedded audio capability

Added a new Kayenne switcher to SS24

Upgraded NCPXIV to have a new Kayenne switcher and a redesigned B-unit

Upgraded routers with embedded audio capabilities on SS18 and SS20

Installed brand new monitor walls in Cobalt

Installed a new Evertz EQX router on California

To-date this year, we have completed a slew of new truck builds and upgrades:

Completed brand new EN2, a powerful HD, 3G, 4K-capable mobile unit

Completed new SRT-2, a shared resources support unit

Completed ATU (Advanced Technology Unit), a flexible "sandbox" support unit for Tupelo Honey's PBC Boxing

Released Atlantic, a powerful mobile unit with a petite footprint designed to handle smaller-scale events

Released Arctic, a customized, small-scale HD unit

Upgraded and transformed TS1 into SS1, a single-truck unit

Redesigned ST37, a flexible "sandbox" support unit

Upgraded NCPX to include a router that has embedded audio capability and enhanced EVS infrastructure with XT3 servers

Upgraded Silver with a router that has embedded audio capability and a new Kayenne switcher

Upgraded to M7 with a new Kayenne switcher and Grass Valley cameras

Upgraded EVS infrastructure, including new EVS XT3 servers, on SS18, Iridium and Chromium

Installed new Kayenne switchers on Cobalt, NCPVII and NCPXI

Our fleet-wide upgrade initiative won’t stop there. We have plans to continue the investment, and by the end of 2015, we will:

Complete control room upgrades on M5

Add new routers, upgraded EVS infrastructure with XT3 servers, embedded audio and fiber interconnects to NCPVIII, SS22 and SS16

Update the EVS infrastructure on SS32

Redesign SS24 and add a new router, embedded audio and fiber interconnects

Deploy a brand new HD, 3G, 4K-capable mobile unit with an I/P router for CBS

Deploy a brand new HD, 3G, 4K-capable mobile unit for WWE

Our great team of engineers, systems design specialists, technicians, wiremen, and fiber experts have been working hard to complete all of these exciting projects.