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NEP Supports 4K Around the GlobeAuthor: Meredith Knight / April 29, 2015

At NEP, We are seeing more and more interest in 4K production across our client base. Although 4K television production is a long way from being mainstream and widely deployed, we are committed to investing in leading edge technology and supporting our clients as they test new production formats. We began supporting clients with 4K tests two and a half years ago, and now boast 22 4K-capable OBs across the U.S., U.K. and Australia, and also offer 4K-capable studio facilities and LED video display technologies.

Since our first 4K test in 2012, we have supported a diverse range of over 60 4K shows - from live sports and entertainment events to studio-based episodic productions. We were among the first to support tests on live remote productions, we were the first to support a live-to-cinema 4K event, and the first to support live-to-broadcast 4k production. (Click on the "Related Stories" to the right to read more.)

Our worldwide presence and scale allow us the ability to have strong relationships with all of the top manufacturers. This puts us in a fantastic position to support our clients’ 4K productions with a wide-range of experience across a variety of genres and technologies. Our teams worldwide have been able to share their knowledge and experiences with one another and keep each other up-to-date on 4K developments around the globe.

NEP will continue to put our 4K knowledge and skill to work this summer supporting a variety of productions around the globe. Check out our worldwide 4K fleet at: