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NEP Australia Supports the G20 SummitAuthor: Marc Segar / December 16, 2014

After nearly 12 months in planning, the G20 summit in Brisbane went off without a hitch. At NEP Australia we definitely stepped outside our normal day-to-day provision of services for this event, and the entire year has been busy with prep. In the lead up we produced multiple events, provided the back-end to the G20 website and host photography through our partners Ethos CRS. Oh, and we put together a commercial too.

I write this as the Project Director, and I can tell you that it’s been a wild ride for our whole team, which includes folks from Global (NEP) and our partners SBS (a local broadcaster) and Ethos CRS. I could not be more proud of the amazing group of professionals and talented people we had with us for this event: over 30 full time staff joined by over 100 freelance crew - for a total of 562 room nights at the Mantra hotel.

For the main event NEP Australia, along with our partners produced over 400 hours of content and thousands of photographs - all logged, stored available on site and almost all available on-line within minutes of the moment. An archive team ensured that all video, audio and transcript files were delivered to the Australian Prime Minister’s office on hard disk with all program content on XDCam disc as a backup for the future.

The Brisbane Exhibition and Convention Centre (BCEC) was home to the world international media centre, and all halls were busy with media, press conferences, and of course the main summit. 130 broadcasters and thousands of other members of the media were on site.

Our crew felt right at home in HD4, which was used as the production hub, augmented with five additional production and graphics facilities to deliver six contiguous events. I am amazed at how much stuff you can fit in fourteen metres! This fully scalable MCR operation handled all broadcaster needs and monitored over 100 sources 24/7 for the duration of the event.

HD4 provided two 24/7 on-air channels, complete with graphics, replays, highlights packages and news packages, delivered to broadcasters along with an information channel giving up-to-date information on what is happening and where.

We supported remote production at four additional venues, which were all produced and switched from the BCEC using a secure IP network for vision mixer control, camera control and Voice over IP for communications. This meant that one production team was in complete control and didn’t need to travel.

An extensive DVB-T/HD RF modulation was added to the BCEC in house RF CATV system containing all Host Broadcast feeds as well as 11 Foxtel channels for monitoring anywhere in the venue. Almost every signal was moved around on fibre using an extensive fibre ring installed in the 1st phase of the build, fully redundant and completely agnostic to signal type. The fibre extended to Sydney where Net Insight provided the encoding and transmission signal transport along with our carrier AAPT.

The studio operation was unique, with live images of the Brisbane River and city beamed into five giant 4K displays as the studio backdrop, a 2nd green screen chroma key studio available for those wanting to appear in front of the city skyline without leaving the BCEC.

As part of our commitment to the project, we installed eight unilateral and bookable cameras all over the city for broadcaster requirements. Our bookings office was on-site led by the industries best, up-to-date with the latest in “just tap it’ Credit card machines – all cards were accepted of course!


NEP Provided:
• All news gathering, live and post production, the website and host photography
• The BCEC houses the IBC, main press centre and conference rooms
• 4 fully remote produced venues, i.e. cameras at location but everything else at the BCEC
• 9 control rooms in total (6 in HD4 and 3 remote)
• 46 Cameras
• 10 RF link systems
• 2 full working studios
• 24/7 MCR operation catering for over 100 incoming feeds
• The Main IBC is supplying 37 broadcast and news clients, 2 produced world feed channels will carry live, replayed and highlights packages. Both with independent graphics production
• 16 x HD Transmission paths on 10 GB fibre service with massive scalability, 3 additional via Satellite as redundancy
• 11 x XT3 EVS machines
• 14 x IP Directors, IP Database, low, hires and multi-codec support
• 144 production and technical staff • 562 room night’s worth of accommodation