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Daniel O'Bryen



    Daniel O’Bryen serves as President of Screenworks, a division supplying broadcast cameras systems and LED video screens for sports, live entertainment events and touring artists. Mr. O’Bryen joined NEP in 2002 with the acquisition of BCC Video and its successor Live Media Group, a company he cofounded in 1989. He has spent his 43 year career in the entertainment and video business as a producer, director, lighting director and production manager. Prior to the creation of BCC Video, Mr. O’Bryen was the Head of Productions for Avalon Attractions between 1981 through 1994. He has significant experience producing and touring with an impressive list of acts including The Rolling Stones, Billy Joel, Barbra Streisand, Jimmy Buffet, Shakira, Eric Clapton, Madonna and Kenny Chesney among many others.