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2011 Sports Broadcasting Hall of Fame

December 13, 2011 (Pittsburgh, PA)

In a ceremony this evening in New York City, two local Pittsburghers will be inducted into the Sports Broadcasting Hall of Fame. Debra Honkus and George Hoover, executives at NEP Broadcasting, will both be honored for their important work behind the scenes shaping the way that live sports are televised.

Since 2007, the Sports Broadcasting Hall of Fame has been honoring leaders in the Sports Broadcasting industry who have had an impact both in front of the camera and behind the scenes. Both Debra and George have worked for over 25 years supporting major sports broadcasts, including: Olympic Games; Super Bowls; NBA, MLB and NHL playoffs; the US Tennis and Golf Opens and the Masters. Their inductions recognize the work that both of them have done to advance the way that sports television is produced.

About Debra and George

As Chief Executive Officer of NEP Broadcasting, Debra Honkus is responsible for managing and directing the day-to-day operations of the company’s engineering, sales, and operations departments. Since starting with NEP, Debra has grown the business into the largest television production services company in the country. Under her guidance, NEP’s mobile production trucks, studios, equipment and technical experts have supported some of the largest broadcasts in the world. To read more about Debra, visit:
At Chief Technology Officer of NEP, George Hoover has shepherded the largest fleet of mobile production trucks and studios in the industry, from SD to HD to 3D. Responsible for managing the design, integration, and maintenance of technology for the company, his expertise and influence is felt daily at television compounds and studios around the country. George possesses substantial television technical engineering expertise and design skills, playing a vital role in long-term strategic planning for NEP and its clients. His experience lead him to literally write the book on remote television production in 2003, with his co-author Jim Boston entitled, TV on Wheels, The Story of Remote Television Production. To read more about George, visit:

This tremendous honor reflects Pittsburgh’s strong legacy in both the sports and broadcasting industries, and highlights the impact the region continues to have on the national stage. For more information on the Sports Broadcasting Hall of Fame, visit:

About NEP

NEP provides the technology and know-how to enable clients to produce the world’s most prestigious live and broadcast events around the globe. The company is the leading worldwide provider of outsourced production solutions offering technical services for remote production, studio production, video display, host broadcasting, post production, premium playout, smart asset / media management, and multi-screen delivery. NEP’s more than 3,000 employees are driven by passion and a focus on technical innovation, and together they have supported productions in over 85 countries on all seven continents. NEP is headquartered in the United States and has offices in 21 countries.