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Driving technology forward, keeping you ahead of the game

For over three decades, NEP has been dedicated to developing and applying new technologies and solutions to meet your changing needs.


  • Support the first live-to-air 4K cricket broadcast with BT Media and Broadcast for Star Sports.


  • Supported the first Live 4K theater broadcast for National Theatre Live.


  • Began the development of the next generation television mobile unit for deployment in 2014.


  • Designed and released two OB units out fitted for live 3D TV.
  • First 1080p Digital Triax deployed by NEP Visions / Grass Valley for EPL on Sky.


  • Designed first auto-identifying video distribution amplifier and cross converter.
  • Designed and built the first 3D OB geared toward television events in collaboration with PACE.


  • Developed the V-Con multi channel coax connector with Gepco – the DT12-style equivalent connector for 16 HD video paths.


  • Developed and deployed the first Cobranet Technology for multipoint audio distribution for ESPN Nascar and Monday Night Football, along with the Super Bowl and US Open.
  • Deployed the first multiple Calrec Consoles interfaced by MADI and Hydra audio networking, allowing multiple audio sources to be brought from the field to the compound via fiber with full remote control.


  • Developed and introduced the concept of back-to-back layout for the record and replay area, creating a much larger functional space.


  • Designed and built the only pre-packaged power conditioning and distribution breakaway systems that allow a trailer to take on significant collision impact, and be quickly repaired and returned to service.
  • Built ND3, the first fully configurable virtual monitor wall truck in the US.
  • Built SS24, the first Super-HD twin truck in the industry, followed by the ND4, SS21, SS25, Black & Red and Summit.
  • Designed the first HD Down Converting DA with 720p field lock for ESPN.


  • Became the only truck company at the time to design its own HVAC system specifically engineered to hold up to the rigors of the road. It’s fully field serviceable with off the shelf parts and dual redundant systems.


  • Used aircraft-grade composite materials to control weight in trailer design for the first time ever in the trucking industry.
  • Established ourselves as the first non-networked-owned facility to employ fiber optics for bringing back cameras and audio to the compound.


  • Designed the first modular SD-to-NTSC monitoring converter, the start of Cobalt digital.


  • Became the first US mobile production company to deploy Calrec Consoles in all ranges: the first Sigma, Q2, Compact, Alpha, Sigma, Omega and Zeta.
  • Pioneered the use of distributed mirrored routing systems for signal distribution at large events like the Super Bowl. NEP's Generation 3 transmission unit, ESU, is now the industry standard.