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The use of wireless video is prominent in Reality TV production. The “run n gun” style of shooting with ENG cameras, with audio and video signals fed back to a control room is how most of today’s ”reality” is monitored and directed. As such, production relies heavily on wireless technologies. With more and more shows leveraging “behind the scenes” or “on the road” footage, a traditional ENG control room environment is quickly becoming an obstacle. For season three of X Factor, NEP Sweetwater client Blue Orbit, challenged the engineering staff to develop a wireless platform that offered monitoring flexibility; something that could travel, something truly mobile.

NEP Sweetwater teamed up with Teradek LLC to build a low latency wireless solution for use across their 10 ENG cameras. Using Teradek cubes running a beta version of their application, Sweetwater and Teradek worked together to develop a robust wireless platform, one that the show’s Director Ben Thursby later referred to as “game changing.”

Sweetwater deployed 10 pads configured with an innovative solution that allowed mobile monitoring of the audio and video of any/all of the ENG cameras. Specialized routers were on location to expand the coverage area, which in field use was anywhere between 150 to 300 feet, depending on location and amount of open area space.