Compare Trucks

Outfitting a luxury jet with a variety of cameras and a video village/control room for a reality game show where contestants complete a variety of challenges in-flight and under the duress of pilot created turbulence. Factors such a limited space, limited access to electrical power and camera stability had to be considered.

NEP Sweetwater’s flypack included a mix of Sony’s HDX100, Go Pro’s mountable camera with built in wifi and Camera Corp’s “Q ball” robotic camera. Audio/Video was also captured via Sound Device’s PIX240s, which record to solid state drives. Zaxcom’s Deva 10 track/16 Channel recorders we rigged to record the contestant lav mics, several hidden mics and the pilot comm.

The 2 Sony HDX100’s were used to record the contestants during game play. 6 Go Pro cameras, mounted throughout the plane to shoot both in-cabin activity and exterior footage of the plane’s wing movement and horizon changes. Go Pro’s built in wifi offered the added benefit of video monitoring via iPad/iPhone. Camera Corp’s 4 robotic cameras were mounted throughout the plane and were fed back to a single switchable controller stationed in the on-board control room (video village). All record/control equipment was racked mounted into a specially fabricated unit built by the Sweetwater fabrication department.

The plane ride may have been a little bumpy, but due to the careful planning by Sweetwater’s engineering crew, the technical aspects of shooting of Turbulence pilot were not.