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Produce and stream a 2 day live-to-web social media experience centered around a marketing campaign for HP’s SplitX2 laptop computer. Hip-hop producer Clams Casino and rapper Vic Mensa were enlisted to “star” in this interactive on-line experience where sound and visual experiences evolve as users comment in real-time via YouTube. Audience commentary was incorporated into both the audio track and the visual display that develops over the ten hour webcast.

Working with Skunk Director Greg Brunkalla and the Stink Digital team, Sweetwater's team of experts engineered a camera flypack and audio package to capture several audio sources and eleven video sources which included Sony 1500 cameras, ice cub cameras, an F3, a Phantom high-speed camera and the monitor screen of the X2 laptop. Technical Director Spud Murphy lead the planning of the equipment package and, along with Sweetwater’s project manager Hank Moore, oversaw the crew and video production of the two day, ten hour live-to-YouTube event.

The video capture and live-to-web stream went off with out a hitch. On November 18th and 19th, from noon to five, fans could log onto a YouTube channel airing the live show. At home viewers were encouraged to submit comments, which were then taken and incorporated on set in a variety of ways, becoming integral to the live-to-web stream. Audience comments drove the progression both the lyrics and the sound track.
The end result of both the video shoot and the accompanying music video can be seen at